Guadeloupe will be at the tournament!

21 avril 2015 - 16:24

New this year, the US Saint-Omer host Mahaut Bay Guadeloupe club during the 2015 edition. Guadeloupean make a tournament coming over 6200kms from home, how can ?!

First of all this reconciliation is possible through the close collaboration of USSO with partner club FC Blendecques. The contact between the club and the patriotic date last year. The blendecquois club, which does not organize its international tournament this year has proposed to allow the USBM USSO Bay - Mahaut who participated in the "Blendecques International Cup" won the competition.

The level of the team, added to the good relations between the two clubs has led the club USSO, with the agreement of the Patriot Blendecques to invite players Thierry BAPAUME.

Staying for a week in France during the period of June, Guadeloupean will conduct another tournament in Toulouse next week. With the presence of this team, the Mc Donald's Cup will have an exotic flavor this year.


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