The JVC Cuijk also participate in the tournament

21 avril 2015 - 16:17

For the first time in its history, the JVC Cuijk, Dutch Dutch second division club will be in the game. Mc Donald's Cup will have the Dutch accent this year! With the presence of Cuijk JVC, Dutch professional club playing in Jupiler League, the equivalent of the French Ligue 2.

For the club, the presence of a team of this niveu still further strengthens the reputation of the tournament. We met Michiel Van Veen, youth leader of Netherlands training. He gives his opinion on the tournament and answered our questions.

Hello, what prompted you to apply to come to the McDonald's Cup?

VV: We wish we measure the style of French football. This is an exceptional experience for our young players to confront the French regional elite. I was always windy qualities of football in the north of France, it will be a great opportunity to know our qualities.

Have you done tournaments abroad?

VV: We played several international tournaments, Germany and the Netherlands, among other teams against Scottish, English, Danish, Russian ... But never against a French team.

What to expect during your stay in France this weekend that promises festive?

VV: For us, it's a short trip, a holiday camp.

We are sure that we will have fun. What do you think of the plateau of the Mc Donald's Cup?

VV: There're known teams, quality infrastructure and a tournament skyrocketing fame level.

What are your ambitions in this competition?

VV: We will participate with two teams and we play an attractive and sporty football!. But ultimately there is only one ultimate goal in a tournament: Win the title!


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